Recipes that will help you create a self-development plan, stay focused, organized and productive

For many of us, one of the biggest challenges is finding the time for daily personal development. Books keep piling up on the bookshelf. We bought sports clothes, but we haven’t worn them yet… Sometimes we don’t have enough time or we can’t follow the resolutions we made. Sometimes instead of starting, we indulge in procrastination.

In this blog post, I will share how I fight and overcome procrastination. It will borrow ideas from six popular self-development books (Miracle Morning, Drive, The Power of Habit, Why we sleep?, The Bullet Journal Method, Start with why). I’m going to share all…

Guide on socializing your team members and letting them shine

Being a part of the cohesive team is one of the expectations most of us have. If we are able to work in a friendly atmosphere and a nice environment, we come to work not only because it’s our duty, but also because it’s a pleasure. We want to feel like a part of big team. We want to know each other, trust each other, and be sure that we can count on each other's help whenever we need it.

Having colleagues we like and whom we can trust impacts on our daily work and the way we achieve the…

Keep your Kubernetes cluster and Pods healthy by setting requested and limited container resources (CPU & MEM)

When we start playing around with Kubernetes, we usually forget about setting container resources at the beginning. We just want to make sure our Docker image works and it’s deployable to the Kubernetes cluster. If it’s only one app out there and we are just experimenting, that’s fine. But sooner or later, we want to deploy this app to the production cluster together with other apps, which are already there. To make our application a pleasant Kubernetes citizen, we have to allocate a proper number of container resources. …

Deploy a complete application stack just in a few steps!

Kubernetes is gaining wide adoption. Even though a lot of us had an opportunity to work with this container orchestrator before, there is still a many of us, who have never played with this platform.

Currently, there is a plenty of various courses/playgrounds, which can help you start working with the Kubernetes, like official Kubernetes tutorials or katacoda. I also went through them, but in this article, you will find not only theory but also examples, which help you implement your Kubernetes resources. We will deploy a complete application stack, consisting of a database and backend, frontend parts. In the…

Recipes, that would hopefully make your k8s journey easier

The goal of this blog post is to document my findings and learnings, which I gathered during my journey of learning Kubernetes. I’m attaching explanations of some concepts in a context. You can find a quite big section about knowing how to debug k8s resources. Debugging is always painful until you know where to look for… that’s why I tried to mess up everywhere, where I could and present you the most popular errors, which you can possibly make.

Let’s dig deeper into k8s world 😊.

#labels & selectors #Minikube #dry-run #LoadBalancer in Minikube #ingress-controller #k8s dashboard UI #ExternalName Service…

Katarzyna Dusza

Software Engineer, IT enthusiast, working at Klarna. Check my personal website:

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